Aspergillus sp or Penicillium ?

It seems that this fungal isolate of mine shows a novel fruting body. The isolate is an Aspergillus species probably Aspergillus fumigatus producing vesicle on vesicle condition. It seems that the mature vesicle gave rise to asexual conidiospores that showed early germination on the mother fruting body itself on which they were produced to give rise to progeny hyphae that showed early diffrentiation to produce second generation of fruting bodies on the mother vesicle. This condition makes this pic a rare image and the star of the show.


* Caption and photos by Suryansh Rajput


comments :

Radha Vagale:

It’s Penicillium not Aspergillus.


Neelam Sachdeva:

Looks like penicillium app.


Roman Sidorov:

Dear Mgr. Suryansh Rajput,
I have shown your photos to my colleague Prof. Pestsov, a mycologist and phytopathologist, Dr.Sci (Agr.) at All-Russian Phytopathology Research Institute. In his opinion, the photo does not allow precise determination of the species, and the object captured resembles some Penicillium. Regarding the vesicles, he notes that they may represent rather protrusions of vegetative mycelium, formed by various species, especially grown on liquid media. Your attribution of the vesicles as a new fruiting body type requires more morphological and comparative evidence, including analysis of appropriate literature references.

I would join the recommendation to confirm the species attribution of the object by PCR.
I wish you success!